Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mystery Tour.....Somewhere in the UK with Amy N.

Amy N. is at it again. She probably wins the prize for taking Flat Alex to the most locations. Amy lives in Italy and travels quite a bit and they are off on another adventure. The kicker is, she won't say where. I've gotten these wonderful photos and am left to try and figure out the secret locations.

I can't read the small print on the flight lists from the airport photo. I've no idea where this museum could be.

This photo made me guess Paris, but I could be dreadfully wrong.

Cool old castle, somewhere.

And an unidentified body of water.

Another mysterious location

Does anyone have any ideas?

Where in the world is Flat Alex?

More photos added below. I finally was able to guess the mystery location. I won't post it right now, in case anyone wants to play along.



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