Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sweden and Finland in August 2015 with Amy N.


A message received from Amy read: "I wanted to be sure he made it to Helsinki. I admit, I was too nervous to be in Russia, so I didn't bring him off the boat, but he was there!! 

He is a little banged up, just because he had limited space and he is so tall 😉 but he isn't too bad, just the foam part of the legs. He covered Europe. In 2012, he went to Budapest, Prague, Slovakia and Berlin-Germany. This time, he saw Sweden and Helsinki, but was in Estonia and Russia. I know he's been more places, need to look at the albums and I'll tell you where exactly. My fault for not carrying a bigger purse, but the bigger the purse the more sore the neck. 
I think the bent legs means he had a great time. When he was a little kid I'd judge his level of fun for the day by how many dirt rings were on his socks when he got undressed for a bath at bedtime.