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Alex lived nearly 15 fun-filled, energetic, adventurous years. In August 2011 he moved onto his next big adventure. But he left some dreams unfulfilled here on earth. Alex wanted to travel the world. Specifically, he wanted to skateboard  in New Orleans, Helsinki, Paris, Berlin, Sydney and London. While we firmly believe that Alex is skateboarding in all those places on the wings of an angel, we want to make his dream a reality by sending him on this world tour.

Alex loved music of all kinds. He was a talented musician and song writer. He was wickedly funny with an irreverent twist. He was smart and wise well beyond his years. He marched to the beat of  his own drum. He was never afraid to buck the system and refused to let the opinions of others deter him from his true north.

Alex was a natural athlete. He was lithe and quick and could jump like a cat. He learned Tae Kwon Do, basketball and skateboarding. He could ride a unicycle and juggle and do more pull ups than  we could count. All of that natural ability but not a stitch of competitiveness. He chose to pursue his music, rather than participate in competitive sports. He loved to head down to the farmers' market to play his guitar for the crowd. Music was truly where his heart lived. 

No description of Alex would be complete without telling of his love of pandas. He studied them, and collected them. Whenever we see a panda we know that Alex is nearby.

Alex was a son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, grandson, friend, musician, athlete, artist, leader, and individual. He was loved and is deeply missed.

We started this project in an attempt to make Alex's dream of travel come true. He left a bucket list on his Facebook page. "Cities I want to skateboard in before I die. London, Hong Kong, New Oleans, Helsinki, Berlin, Paris, Sidney, etc" The Flat Alex World Tour project has far exceeded Alex's bucket list. Thank you, to all who have participated. Click "join the project" to see how you can help.