Monday, November 19, 2012

Pandas at the Zoo in San Diego with Jennifer

"Hi Jennie,
  I saw this project a while back and really wanted to particpate but my son had just been born. Since then we've taken Alex to the zoo 3 times. The first time the Pandas were not behaving, and the 2nd time my son started to cry so we had to head back just as we reached the pandas (since pandas are picky creatures that need quiet). This Sunday we were rewarded with some photo ops with two of the zoo's pandas, Gao Gao and Yun Zi.

I will send you 5 separate emails since these are fowards from my husband's camera. The first is a photo of us arriving at the zoo, planning how to get to the pandas. We decided to take the Skyfari up to the top, visit the polar bears and loop down to the Pandas. Jennifer"

Thank you, Jennifer, we appreciate you taking Flat Alex with you not once, but 3 times!


Here, Reddy and Alex spot Gao Gao. According to the zoo keeper Gao Gao doesn't often face out, in fact once a group of young girls kept yelling to him to turn around and apparently he went inside his pen and wouldn't come out for the rest of the day!

      Alex poses with Yun Zi, who is enjoying one of the 12 types of bamboo that they feed the pandas at the World Famous San Diego Zoo!

He Ventures a bit closer...

As we leave the panda enclosure, Alex pauses to take one last picture with Yun Zi.
We really enjoyed taking Alex to the zoo with us!

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